Importance of Communication Skills

What’s Communication?

Expressing ourselves or sharing information is called communication.

There are four types of Communication

  • Verbal: As it says communicating through speaking.
  • Non-Verbal: Communication through gesture, body language and facial expression.
  • Written: Communication through writing.
  • Visual Communication: Communication through photograph, drawing and art etc.

Factors that help improve our communication skills:

Our accents determines the way we pronounce English sounds. It is important for Indian English speaker to be aware of, and use the correct pronunciation of English words. That is what “Voice and Accent ” neutralization is all about. The most preferable accent today is a neutral accent  or called as neutral English. Though its definition is vague and controversial, many people believe that speaking in this style helps them to avoid mother-tongue-influence and regional accent. Further it ensures the clear mode of communication.

English is said to be a stress timed language and it determines the rhythm of speech. Stress in English varies according to the word and position of word in sentence. One of the main problem interfering with understanding is stress. Customers get confused when they hear a different stress pattern.

Intonation is very important when a person speaks. Indians speak with a sing song tone based on their mother tongue. Which Is difficult for customers to understand. International English has a fall and rise intonation. The rate of speech is high for Indians based on their mother tongue. An international customers find it difficult to understand a high rate of speech. Indians at times speak at a very high pitch. This can be irritating for international English customer who are used to a more modulated tone of voice. This has nothing to do with whether you have a naturally high or low voice, it is all about how you use your voice when talking to a customer. Your voice is the voice of the company you represent. Every voice has a pitch range.


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About Me

Hi all, this is Ramya. I have been in the customer service field for more than 10 years. I’m an armature blogger. I started blogging during the lock down. This led to my interest towards digital marketing. 
What’s digital marketing? Digital marketing is a component of marketing that utilizes internet and online based digital technology to promote product and services.(Courtesy Wikipedia). All it require to become a digital marketer is a basic course in DM, good mentor to guide you, a laptop and high speed internet.

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Hello world!

Let’s bring you to the world of Digital marketing

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”–Andrew Davis,

Ask me how???

What is marketing? What is the scope? What I have learnt through laws of marketing?

It is huge and get to learn a lot. According to Wikipedia Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services including market research & advertising.

Let me start with the agenda related to the Law of marketing, how to learn and master marketing, communication skills, global economics, digital vs traditional marketing, direct response, CATT funnel, to integrate digital marketing and personal branding. Yes, there is lot to learn in marketing.

            And additionally, we got to learn few tips on how to go about in achieving our goals. At first, to take a printout of our dreams, goals and stick it right in front of our work station to remind and strive to achieve them. Learn, do and teach, this concept is awesome not only to implement but also to teach others who need help. By doing this our knowledge gets refreshed and by knowledge sharing we gain confidence and experience. Set up financial goals and create a plan to reach it.

            A plan to set our financial goals. For example, if we have to make Rs.1Crore, the plan can be as follows:

            If the product price is Rs100 then we need 1,00000 customers. If the product price is Rs 1000, then we need 10000 customers. If our product price us 10,000 then we need 1000 customer so on. This way we can set and plan our financial goals. To achieve it we need to select our niche which is not too narrow wherein there are not many customers nor too broad wherein gets diluted and will not have market differentiation. Do not divert from your niche.

            The Law of marketing is:

1.       Marketing is based on science. Not creativity.

2.       Marketing starts even before creating a product. My mentor Digital Deepak says that every CEO of a company should know marketing. Without marketing skills no business can sustain.

3.       It should start with understanding the customer and his needs. Which in turn helps to create a product.

4.       Marketing is about sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.

5.       We have to establish our brand and find a place for ourselves in the market. Once established it will sell by itself and no marketing is required. A great product sells itself.

6.       Marketing is not just selling. It is also about keeping your existing customers happy by communicating with them. This helps us to build a long-term relationship.

7.       Every product has to build a strong brand. Try to be number one or unique.

Have you heard of mass-trust??

It is how we build trust with our customer which can be done through marketing.

            Here is a beautiful quote by Peter Drucker

            “The Aim of marketing is to make selling Superfluous. The aim is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service sells for itself”.


C= Content: Create useful content that attracts people. For example, through webinar, blogs videos.

A= Attention: Gain attention to your content through social media etc.

T=Trust: As discussed earlier trust play a major role in marketing. You trust your audience and they trust you.

T=Transaction: Lead generation and lead conversion through sales.

This is the CATT funnel.

What Is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated digital marketing is the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form one single forum for the business.

Like driving the traffic to your content to through social media, SEO, Email marketing.

The idea behind integrated digital marketing is that, while each individual strategy doesn’t have a huge impact on its own, when used in conjunction, you can create a more influential online presence.

Role of Communication skills in marketing.  

Now let’s talk about how communication skill plays a very important role in marketing. If we are not able to communicate, we will not be able to make the customers understand what the product is about. There is no requirement of sophisticated language skills however clarity of communication is required in Marketing. By probing and questioning the customer we can understand their needs better.

Role of Global Economy in marketing:

Marketing plays vital role in the global economy. Every marketer should have an update knowledge about the current global economy. It is always better to focus on developing countries. Marketing helps in the growth of economy globally.

It is time to discuss the importance of Digital marketing Vs Traditional marketing.

What do you think about traditional marketing in this Digital era? Do you think we can market everything digitally? Do we require traditional marketing? Let’s find out.

Traditional Marketing is marketing through print media, Tv, Billboards, door to door marketing etc. This medium does not require any Digital media, internet etc. Through traditional Marketing products can reach even remote villages. Traditional marketing is not only one of the oldest forms of marketing, but also one of the most researched on a day to day basis we get to encounter some sort of traditional marketing probably in our daily newspaper. Traditional marketing plays an important part in reaching local audiences. Ads can be kept for a long period of time, if they’re physical. There’s definitely an audience who prefer and are easier to reach through traditional marketing than online marketing.

Digital marketing is marketing through Social media, Email marketing etc. there are variety medium for digital marketing all we need is a laptop or smart phones with good internet speed and a google account. Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional, but also it is a more direct way to connect with target audiences globally. When compared to traditional marketing digital marketing is more cost effective. Through digital marketing we can identify the targeted audience and connect with our targeted audience directly. It feels more personal.

With this both the style of marketing is unique and have advantages and disadvantages.

With this in mind I would like to conclude Marketing is evergreen and will never fadeout. In marketing we need to have the market for product, talent and passion. Marketing requires a personal touch so it is going to be in the limelight forever.


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