Importance of Communication Skills

What’s Communication?

Expressing ourselves or sharing information is called communication.

There are four types of Communication

  • Verbal: As it says communicating through speaking.
  • Non-Verbal: Communication through gesture, body language and facial expression.
  • Written: Communication through writing.
  • Visual Communication: Communication through photograph, drawing and art etc.

Factors that help improve our communication skills:

Our accents determines the way we pronounce English sounds. It is important for Indian English speaker to be aware of, and use the correct pronunciation of English words. That is what “Voice and Accent ” neutralization is all about. The most preferable accent today is a neutral accent  or called as neutral English. Though its definition is vague and controversial, many people believe that speaking in this style helps them to avoid mother-tongue-influence and regional accent. Further it ensures the clear mode of communication.

English is said to be a stress timed language and it determines the rhythm of speech. Stress in English varies according to the word and position of word in sentence. One of the main problem interfering with understanding is stress. Customers get confused when they hear a different stress pattern.

Intonation is very important when a person speaks. Indians speak with a sing song tone based on their mother tongue. Which Is difficult for customers to understand. International English has a fall and rise intonation. The rate of speech is high for Indians based on their mother tongue. An international customers find it difficult to understand a high rate of speech. Indians at times speak at a very high pitch. This can be irritating for international English customer who are used to a more modulated tone of voice. This has nothing to do with whether you have a naturally high or low voice, it is all about how you use your voice when talking to a customer. Your voice is the voice of the company you represent. Every voice has a pitch range.


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