My Version 2.0

Meet Ramya Sivasubramanian digital marketing specialist and entrepreneur. Today, I am going to be the guest on Digital Deepak’s webinar, which I always dreamed of after attending his webinar with Saurav Jain, Gaurav Gurubaxani, Vibhav Sisinty etc.

My journey started in 2020 when I started attending free webinars ,very new to Digital marketing, had no idea about SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc. I bought a complete course package of Digital Marketing and started going through the videos. That is when I realized that without a mentor it is difficult to start a career in Digital Marketing. Like a blessing in disguise came across an internship program with Digital Deepak which changed my life completely. In 2025 you are meeting completely different person from what I was and what I am.  

In version 2.0, I have transformed myself into a more positive person. Having started my career in customer support, HR, and taking a break to focus on my family, initially I had my own doubts if I could have a career again at this point. Here I am. Now I plan my day well, balance my family & career and have become more confident. I hope my journey inspires several women and homemakers that it is never too late to pursue new career paths and passions.

Please do visit my mentor Digital Deepak’s Website here.

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